Does the rain remind you of the nostalgic days in your childhood, when you splashed around in the puddle? Do you feel like dashing out to drench with the blessings from the sky every time you see the rain come down? Guess what! you are a “Pluviophile”.

Now, before you start scratching your head over why I gave you that outlandish title, let me tell you what it means. According to wiktionary, pluviophile originates from the Latin word “pluvial” which means rain, and “phile” meaning a person or a thing. A pluviophile is simply a person who loves to enjoy the rain and finds peace in it.

Usually, most people feel gloomy and depressed when it rains. But, there are a few rare creatures such as myself who feel happy and blessed when they hear the sound of rain. We just want to break free from the shackles of our boring chores and run out to play in the rain. Try taking a look at a few other habits that might reconfirm that you are a pluviophile.

Your mood brightens up when it rains

A pluviophile’s mood is directly influenced by the rain. Every time it rains you reach your hand out in hope of touching a single drop. A rain lover finds peace when he hears the soothing sound of rain. Your happy meter is always full while looking at the rain. You love the silence that envelops everything leaving your thoughts and the sound of rain to wander aimlessly.

2. You love the scent of rain

You often find yourself smelling that leftover scent after the rain. You can’t help but devour that beautiful earthy smell from mother nature. There’s an unfamiliar craving for this scent and the “normies” just don’t get it.

3. You love watching the droplets fall from the sky

You know very well that just playing in it or smelling the rain is not enough. If you haven’t dramatically stared at rainfall out the window, then we just can’t be friends. There’s a certain elegance to it that’s hard to define. Just the thought of rapping my blanket around and gazing at the heavens makes me feel all cozy and warm.

4. You love to wear dark colors

You love to keep your wardrobe full of shades of black and other dark colors. It’s just so hard to explain why you need 3 pairs of the same black t-shirts. Dark shades just tend to remind you of those cold rainy days you so love.

5. You live in the moment

When one gets lost in the sound and beauty of rain, nothing can truly distract him. You love living life to the fullest. Who cares about carrying an umbrella when you love the feeling of every drop hitting your face.

6. You can see the beauty in sadness

Just because you love gloomy rainy days doesn’t mean you don’t feel sad from time to time. But, here’s the thing rain lovers find peace even in sadness. Reminiscing about the good old days while you watch rainfall can be one of the saddest and most beautiful moments anyone can experience.

7. You have more confidence in yourself

It’s pretty obvious that someone who can dance in the rain without worrying what others might think is bound to be confident. A pluviophile is proud of his love for rain. And it matters very little to him/her if others think it’s weird for a grown adult to run around in the rain. Sure, his clothes and wallet are now wet but, so what?

8. You don’t break easily in tough times

As a rain lover, you know that it takes a little rain to see the rainbow. If life puts you down you can push yourself up and inspire others to do the same. In the end, challenges are necessary in order to grow. The flower won’t bloom till it finds a little shower

9. You love trees and grass

You can’t be a rain lover unless you love others who love the rain too. Plants and trees are the essences to connect with the rain. You love to take care of plants or perhaps just admire their graceful look after the rain. The grass is always greener after a friendly shower no matter which side it’s in.

10. Rain helps you sleep

Finally, rain always helps you fall asleep easily. This is something most people can relate to. After all, who doesn’t like an excuse to sleep in for the day? As a rain lover, you find rain to soothe you in a way nothing else can. You find yourself relaxed and before you know it fast asleep. Nothing beats the good old sound of rain to help you find inner peace.

Hope you liked learning a bit more about yourself or perhaps your friend who is a pluviophile. The world is full of diversity so you might not find everything in this list to be true for you. But hopefully, you won’t feel too depressed when it rains from now on. Let me conclude with a quote from Bob Marley,

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.”

Hi, my name is Saif. I’m a freelance writer from Bangladesh. I am just starting out and I love reading & writing about lifestyle and fitness.