The first time I started working out, I was bombarded with so many directions. “You can’t gain muscles without protein shakes”, “ You can’t lose fat unless you do cardio”, you get the idea. Anyway, I came a long way since then and found that most of the stuff I…

So, you’re someone who has been trying to start reading. You know it’s an admirable habit but you just can’t get started. Or perhaps you do manage to start but can’t stick around long enough to finish that book.

Take it from someone who’s had constant troubles holding on to…

Does the rain remind you of the nostalgic days in your childhood, when you splashed around in the puddle? Do you feel like dashing out to drench with the blessings from the sky every time you see the rain come down? Guess what! you are a “Pluviophile”.

Now, before you start scratching your head over why I gave you that outlandish title, let me tell you what it means. According to wiktionary, pluviophile originates from the Latin word “pluvial” which means rain, and “phile” meaning a person or a thing. A pluviophile is simply a person who loves to enjoy the rain and finds peace in it.

Usually, most people feel gloomy and depressed when it rains. But, there are a few rare creatures such as myself who feel happy and blessed when they hear the sound of rain. We just want to break free from the shackles of our boring chores and run out to play in the rain. Try taking a look at a few other habits that might reconfirm that you are a pluviophile.

1. Your mood brightens up when it rains

A pluviophile’s mood is directly influenced by the rain. Every time it rains you reach your hand out in hope of touching a single drop. A rain lover finds peace when he hears the soothing sound of rain. Your happy meter is always full while looking at the rain. You love the silence that envelops everything leaving your thoughts and the sound of rain to wander aimlessly.

Saiful Islam

Hi, my name is Saif. I’m a freelance writer from Bangladesh. I am just starting out and I love reading & writing about lifestyle and fitness.

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